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September 6, 2017
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September 30, 2017
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Specky Success

I’m going to open with this: Specky Scribbler has been shortlisted for the ‘V by Very’ Blog Awards 2017!!! I’m excited, delighted and surprised, but I’m here tooting my own horn because why not!

This week was up and down for me. I don’t know whether it was the weather, hormones, hunger or depression.

Basically I went from being full of energy one minute, to being completely depleted of it the next. My concentration span was poor, and my productivity was low. To be fair, this meant I had to reflect upon the small things and realise what I had actually achieved.

I’ve started to go to monthly events called Creative Mornings. These happen on the morning of last Friday of every month. The theme is universal across the world, with each city’s speaker discussing their take on it.

In August, the theme was Genius and Dublin’s speaker was Caroline Foran, whose book Owning It: Your Bullsh*t-Free Guide to Living with Anxiety, details how she lives with anxiety and has been a best seller since it was released.

When I attended, I was curious to see what Caroline would talk about. I knew what her book was about, but I hadn’t read it. I’d been to a lot of the previous Creative Mornings events in Dublin so I knew what the story with them was, but I had no idea what would be said.

A lot of the things Caroline mentioned resonated very strongly with me. She drew attention to the dangers of social media and how the way we discuss ourselves online is not always the way we view ourselves. We post filtered photos, curated accounts of our holidays, 140 characters about our day.

It can enhance our anxiety. So, when Caroline mentioned being a Genius involves jumping on your own bandwagon, it resonated deeply with me. I like jumping on my own bandwagon to ensure I live the way I need to.

Being a genius doesn’t mean excelling academically, or in tests or having an IQ that gains you entry into MENSA. Being a genius can mean doing what you want, living the way you want and embracing your own strengths.

I was lazy academically, and I didn’t have any particular skill in sports or artistic endeavours. I was told constantly that I should be better because I’m intelligent, but I always felt like I wasn’t because I didn’t have things to show for it.

Then I went along on my own and decided to work for myself. I decided to go with my gut – maybe I’m a genius, maybe I’m an idiot. There’s a fine line.

All I know is that being a genius isn’t what you might traditionally think it is. Being successful doesn’t mean making lots of money and having a lavish lifestyle. Being successful depends on what you think of as ‘success’. For me, success means being my own boss and having job satisfaction.

Being a genius means going along with your heart and not what is expected of you. This is how I view myself and this is how I work and how I think of myself. I may not be a genius in the traditional sense, but I like to think I am a genius when it comes to self-awareness. I’m not perfect, no one is, but I know I’m not and I know you’re not, so there’s some intelligence in that?

I also know that no matter how much I may try to perfect everything I do, perfection is unattainable. Does that make me a genius? Probably not. Do I care? No way. I’m here, specky and scribbling.

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