Dynamic Resources contacted Specky Scribbler about the creation of web copy for their re-designed website. Working with the head of marketing, the web developers and using the existing website as a base, we started to research keywords.
The application of keywords was essential to increasing visibility and driving traffic to the website, but also ensuring the client's brand tone remained intact.
The first thing to be done was to meet with the client to decide upon the type of website they wanted. By discussing the work with the client in person, we were able to decide upon the middle-ground of modern stylistic copy, while retaining the recognisable elements of the brand.
This also ensured that both Specky Scribbler and Dynamic were on the same page as to what the overall objectives were, and what problems may potentially arise.

Once all elements were agreed upon, work started in the form of keyword research, competitor searches and the creation of draft headlines.

Once each draft page was completed, it was sent to the client for feedback in a Google Doc, so every suggested change was visible.
At every stage of the process, the communication line was kept open, and all parties were contactable via email and/or phone.

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